Mission & Values

Our Mission

To facilitate our clients in delivering the highest standard of patient care by helping drive productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results. In a nutshell:

We want to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

We want to inspire our partners.

We want to create value and make a real difference.

Our Values

Leadership. Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. Integrity. Accountability.

These are the core values that define the POSITIVEHEALTH culture and guide us in our daily efforts and how we do what we do. Our values guide us in our commitment to our clients, a commitment that is bound by trust, innovation and performance.

What matters to us:


People: be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.


Craft: only do great & worthwhile things.


Clients: build strong and lasting relationships with clients that demand and are committed to the delivery of patient centric care to the highest possible standards.


Partners: cultivate a network of partners and suppliers in order to create mutual, enduring value.


Planet: be a responsible organisation that makes a difference by helping to build and support a sustainable world.


Productivity: be a highly effective, lean and flexible organisation.

How we work.

Small teams working on big challenges! We rely on our unique set of expertise gained from a combination of thinking, learning and succeeding.

Small Teams.

Positive Health Small Teams

Talented people with the right ideas. Hard work & commitment. A knack for problem-solving.

We are Partners.

Positive Health

Understand your business. Know your preferences. Work together.


Listen & Learn

At POSITIVEHEALTH, our approach is simple. We learn everything we need to know about your business to create a meaningful plan to achieve your goals and objectives. In short, we listen and take notes. Quality detailed research and discovery is key.


At the foundation of a successful engagement is a comprehensive plan. We work hand in hand with our clients to formulate a streamlined plan of attack and set benchmarks so we can track the results.


Time to implement the plan in a structured and efficient way in a manner agreed with you. Show time!


Implementing the plan is really just your beginning. We can monitor (or assist you in monitoring) progress and results and tweak things as appropriate. It is important that the right changes are reviewed and revised regularly to ensure ongoing efficiencies and success.


Happy clients mean we are doing something right. A cup of coffee or a big high five is fine with us! We feed off our client’s success. It keeps us moving forward and our clients coming back for more.