What We Do


We understand that running a successful medical organisation is highly demanding; not only do you need top class medical knowledge but also the skills to manage a modern successful business.

Like many decision makers today, you are probably being continually challenged to cut costs, increase revenue, improve financial performance and achieve strategic goals against the backdrop of the most important requirement of ensuring the highest possible standard of patient care.

The right business advisory service can help your business rise to the daily challenges and leverage any opportunities that present themselves. We can help your business to transform complexity and challenges into competitive advantage.


Medical practices are getting busier whilst the resources available to help with increased demand have reduced. The only option for practice owners, operators and staff is to increase and preserve efficiency on a daily basis. We can help by giving you the tools and framework to create and operate an efficient and organised practice.

Our team can help medical practices and healthcare organisations enhance their operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating internal processes. None of what we do is rocket science. It is simply just common sense. However, when you are faced with firefighting on the front lines on a daily basis, it can be difficult to step back and analyse what you are doing, how and why. If you have been doing things a certain way for a period of time (or as long as you can remember!) then it can be difficult to change or bring staff and patients along on a necessary journey of change. We can help.


With ever-changing tax legislation, pension schemes and changes in the HSE structure, the medical profession is one of the most complex in terms of financial matters & accountancy. We believe that medical practices need to be run with top class patient care as the primary objective. In order to safeguard the ability of the practice to do so, it needs to be run as a successful business. Proper financial strategy and management is, therefore, a must.

Our network of financial advisors can advise all types of business owners on how best to maximise the profitability and value of their business, as well as assisting those who wish to grow or, indeed, are considering succession issues.

Whether you are a doctor requiring personal tax advice (including pensions), a general practice requiring accounting services or a healthcare organisation manager with a specific financial issue, our expert team can get you where you need to go.


The world of health and medicine is changing. In the past, patients signed up with a medical practice and rarely changed. The advent of technology and the internet means that patients are better informed with greater access to information about wellness and possible diagnosis of their health issues. Patients are consumers and are actively taking control of their own healthcare experience.

Medical organisations must also change in order to continue providing the highest possible standard of patient care in the face of an increased workload, greater accountability, a more informed and demanding clientele whilst continuing to pay the bills.

We can help you understand the new “patient-consumer” and develop a plan for how to stay engaged and leverage these changes so that your business remains relevant and progressive.